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configuration.git Configuration files 67 min ago
sync.git Sync 3 days ago
canard.git Canard include file and compiler 14 months ago
embedded-freedom-scripts.git Embedded Freedom scripts 17 months ago
backup.git Backup 22 months ago
lg-downloader.git Tool for flashing LG devices... 22 months ago
omap-usb-boot.git Tool to communicate with OMAP... 23 months ago
ardui2c.git Slave-side i2c implementation... 2 years ago
cm-firmwares.git Script to extract firmwares... 3 years ago
photos.git Photos website 4 years ago plugin for... 4 years ago
dotclear_plugin_comment_answer.git Comment answer plugin for... 4 years ago
dotclear_theme_PaulK.git PaulK theme for dotclear 4 years ago
ti83c.git TI83C compiler 4 years ago